This dress is absolutely stunning…

This woman is absolutely stunning…



A look at Kate’s updo at tonight’s reception

Beautiful beautiful


Prince William and his wife Kate looked loved up as they watched a rugby match at the Allianz Stadium in Sydney on Saturday night.



National Portrait Gallery

Is that first portrait of Crown Princess Mary?

Yassssss. Perfect babe Mary!!!


The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge attend a reception at Government House, April 24, 2014 in Canberra, Australia.

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Kate misses Lupo:”Everyone gives presents for George but nobody knows how much I’m missing my own dog”

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"His sister Brydie Hawke, 17, handed the Duchess a blue dog toy.

'I said 'This is for your dog Lupo, we love seeing all the photos of your family and your dog,' Ms Hawke said. 'And she was like 'Oh thank you very much that's the first present that Lupo's received.'” [x]

Yay, Lupo! :)


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Will and Kate are heading off on a gallery tour, expected to take just over an hour.
Gallery chair Dr Helen Nugent and director Angus Trumble will be leading the royal couple on the tour.
They’ll also be meeting Gurrumul Yunupingu, who performed at the Parliamentary reception a short time ago, and Dr John Yu, both the subject of paintings in the gallery.


Prince William & Prince George at Canberra Airport | April 20 2014

I love how normal they are and I don’t care what anyone says.


OMG I am so so happy I made this effort you don’t understand. First of all, Kate is so sleek and composed and well, gorgeous. There’s just something about her.
It was crazy! I got there a good four hours before they were expected and waited behind the tallest girl in the world (I’m 5 ft nothing!) until a lovely older lady offered to swap places with me.
Kate & will walked in (the screaming was deafening!!) and stopped just near where I was, but on the OTHER side. Boo! So I have about 33 photos of Kate’s back lol.
Then they walked into another room. It was seriously that quick. Some were pretty disappointed. The people in front of me left so I got their spot and waited.
And waited.
And waited.
But I didn’t care cos I’d get better shots of Kate walking out, right?! And although they’re blurry you CAN see her face. Oh and she looked right at me which was kind of cool.
Ahhhh it was wonderful. What a tour!

Yay you have no idea how excited I am for you! I know this feeling, words just can’t express it :) so soo ssoooo happy you got to see them!

You should definitely watch this video. It is so cute! Notice the little boy who is just sooo excited to meet Will, Kate & George, jumping up and down and cant stand still. And then, William putting George into his car seat (sooo adorable!!) And then Kate gets handed his little kangaroo packback for the ride in the car. its just so cute guys.