Prince William, grateful for their stay at Govt House: “I hope George doesn’t keep you up — he’s particularly vocal at 3am”
—British Royals ‏@britishroyals (via duchessofc)
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OMG ITS THE SAME HOW AWESOME (ily too baby ;) )

haha you’re too sweet <333333

im so jealous of the thousands who actually got to shake hands and talk to W&K in Brisbane this afternoon haha ;)

Kate seemed very composed making her speech - husband William let out a little ‘Woooooo’ when she was introduced by healthcare chief executive Elizabeth Koff.
—Aww I love them ❤❤
RT @RoyalReporter: William and Kate were inundated with presents, many for Prince George, from a very excited 10,000-strong crowd in Brisbane.
... and you are the lucky one! Actually my sister had a really good opportunity when they're in Singapore. But she's not as enthusiast (or crazy) as me. I'm crying lol!

YES I AM!!! ahhhhhh haha

awwwwwwww <3


YES PEANUT!!!!!!!!!

(i saw them…didnt get to meet them, but I SAW THEM! and they are way more beautiful in real life than in pics n vids)

» We need to throw a massive fandom birthday party when HM turns 90!



Promise me


Definitely gotta do this Fandom

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Royal jet has been flown/reallocated from Amberley to Brisbane Airport as Will and Kate are currently 40 mins behind time
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The Royals bid farewell as they depart

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